Carrier of Strange Objects


Carrier of Strange Objects

xénos, “strange/foreign
phorá, “carrying

XENOPHORA’s objects are inspired by the curiosities of the ancient world and visions of the future.

XENOPHORA comes from the depths of being, we are the primordial substance. It begins as a stream of consciousness and begins to take form into a wearable object made of precious elements, which come from the greatest heights and depths of our universe.

With these objects, also known as jewelry, skincare, perfume and home objects  we begin to transform into whom we want to be as we carry them with us or incorporate them into our lives, our ritual and our homes. Our bodies and homes are now adorned with textures, monolithic structures, romantic escapes of color, esoterics, mysticism, metaphysics, science and technology. 

All of our jewelry objects are designed and hand-made in Detroit. 


about jewelry

All of our gender-neutral jewelry products are design and produced in-house, located within the walls of our sister company, Casting de Khrysopoeia (Detroit’s only full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and design house specializing in jewelry from concept to creation founded by our lead alchemist, Karissma Yve). Each piece of jewelry is a talisman for transformation and identity, as you manifest your worldly desires. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by real experience, raw desires and vulnerable manifestations. The jewelry begins as a literary sketch, or a piece of writing which Miss. Yve’s then transforms as a piece (a collection) of jewelry.

Made of precious metals, every jewelry item is hand-finished by our tribe of Detroiters, whom are 80% women and LGBTQ+, diversifying the jewelry industry on jewel at a time. XENOPHORA loves on the mother earth, by only using recycled precious metals.

about perfume

All of our limited edition non-gender specific perfumes are composed in our Detroit atelier by our head alchemist. Each scent is reminiscent of the wabi-sabi philosophy (finding perfection within imperfection) and defies the perfume standard. Using woods, scents of water, earth, the after-taste of a fire, we embrace the beauty of the uncommon, mysterious and intoxicating. Our scent compositions are strange/foreign but mostly uncommon, as we adorn our bodies and space with our odor we invigorate a room with power. We become who we truly are, who we ultimately want to be and someone we can love. The mystery of olfactory is ever present, yet we capture its mystery by diving in the unscathed terriory of perfume.

No one will smell like you and no one will be able to resist, and your self-love will be full and untouched.

about skincare

Our Ritual Skincare collection is a luxurious addition to your morning and/or nightly ritual. Each product was formulated with your skin and the environment in mind as we focused our rituals on three key elements: Renewal, Revitalization and Radiance. We’ve combined materials of the ancient world and married them with science’s most safe and potent ingredients for targeting specific concerns like wrinkles while restoring hydration, cleansing and smoothing for a dewy glow and an even skin tone.

Whether it’s a gratitude mantra, a warm-lemon water, coffee or stretching you can add our Ritual Skincare products to your self-care rituals with the comfort of knowing that all of our products are all vegan, paraben free , sulfate free , BHT and talc free, cruelty free, silicone free, gluten free, carcinogen free and eco-friendly.