Introducing Ritual Skincare Collection

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Take a moment for yourself and self-care.

This year has been so full. So full of life, love, challenges and awakening. As a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed vodou-queen-priestess who works in alchemy; I am always working to evolve. In the fullness, the rituals for self-evolution have been a big key.

One of my favorite rituals is my skincare regimen. The ritual of washing your face, moisturizing, a detoxifying charcoal mask at the end of a long day of work before bed is more than just skin deep. It’s that ritual that brings you back to yourself, an offering to your physical body and reverence for existence.

Being that self-proclaimed vodou-queen-priestess who works in alchemy, I wanted to explore a skin-care formula and a ritual that does both. A ritual that brings you back into your body and offers luxurious care to your skin. Yes, I am that woman that 3D printed the chemical composition of tears in jewelry. I am now also that woman leveraging science, skin care experts and nature’s finest ingredients for potent skincare products that actually work.

Our clinical-grade is carefully composed of the finest ingredients (the ancient and the innovative) from all over the world and it works.

We’ll soon offer

a ritual for restoration
a ritual for radiance
a ritual for detox

Ancient Egyptians would forbade anyone from speaking their magic and truth until the person was fully cleaned and oiled. Going back to that feel-good of washing your face after a long day before bed; we’re cleansing and oiling to be better in tune with the infinite during our slumber, state of curious unconsciousness and ultimately in our lives in general. We’ve been doing this way before the beauty & skincare became a trend.

Something was lost along the way…. the ritual. And that’s what I am bringing to you.

I am evolving. XENOPHORA is evolving. Won’t you join me?

With love,
Karissma Yve

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