Conjuring Oshun


Really I am struggling, fighting myself to find myself. 

I've lost the day's number somewhere in the nights oceanic abyss.

I close my eyes and the black glitters. Fearful of who I am, where I am going and who I'll become. 

Strange, complex and complicated like the formation of elements that sprung into existence. 

I find myself among the stars, among the precious metals and minerals of the earth. 

The revving sound of my loneliness creeping, approaching the reality of the fact that I'm at this moment of time

lost upon the shores of the deserted island that is me. 

That I, although fully capable and more than able, have been seaching for the love I owe myself in in others. 

Can you imagine the collapse of this other wold when you realize that

no, in fact it is true. 

Listen to the words when they say that they do not love you. 

Capture it and suck the of out of their mouth  as if it were venom from a wound - 

because once it's in your bloodstream you'll become the caged bird inside of your own body. 

Look at yourself without, while within. 

Somehow your escape plans failed one after another, 

your misguided guides will forget you along that path. 

You cannot run for their is nowhere for you to go 

but within. 


Within - 

and now that you're here; 

I think you should stay a while. 

- You Are Enough