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Detroit Diamond Signet
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The Detroit Diamond Signet


Countless hours in the manufacturing facility and design house doing research on new techniques, completing work orders for clients and writing while meditating on where I was, where I am versus where I am going. The life and work of a silversmith, jeweler is a peculiar one. You may see the glitz and glam of how the light reflects off the impeccably polished sterling silver surface but it's not all the glamorous life. I am usually covered in investment material and my fingernails are never clean. Most of these things are trivial when considering the grand scheme of things. One things for certain, I am doing what I love daily and that is the truest gift that one can ever receive. I've had to work for it  - it's still a process, meaning I am still working for it . The daily grind, they physical labor of creating jewelry requires my physical, my mind and spiritual body in tact. The daily grind is about how I can sustain the living of doing what I love every single day, for the rest of my life. Yesterday, I worked in the facility until much after 4am. I lost track of time in a space of peace, solitude and meditation while working on the work that I find most of my healing and existence in.

    The Detroit Free Press once headlined me and my story with A Diamond In The Rough printed in bold and unapologetic typography. This headline has never been truer. I am, in fact, a diamond in the rough. 

    A diamond cultivated from the earth which has took thousands of years to form   and with immense heat and pressure, a unique gemstone has been created.  Without any human intervention, I give you diamonds in the rough - in their most natural state, cast directly into a 3D printed signet ring. 

    The perfect marriage of ancient and innovative technology. 

    New Moon (in Aries) Affirmations - 

    1. Go all in. 
    2. Don't be afraid to fail. 
    3. Trust the process. 
    4. Above all, self-care first. 
    Karissma Yvexenophora