Introducing Ritual Skincare Collection

This year has been so full. So full of life, love, challenges and awakening. As a designer, an artist, an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed vodou-queen-priestess who works in alchemy; I am always working to evolve. In the fullness, the rituals for self-evolution have been a big key.

One of my favorite rituals is my skincare regimen. The ritual of washing your face, moisturizing, a detoxifying charcoal mask at the end of a long day of work before bed is more than just skin deep. It’s that ritual that brings you back to yourself, an offering to your physical body and reverence for existence……

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Conjuring Oshun

Look at yourself without, while within. 

Somehow your escape plans failed one after another, 

your misguided guides will forget you along that path. 

You cannot run for their is nowhere for you to go 

but within. 

Within - 

and now that you're here; 

I think you should stay a while. 

- You Are Enough 

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Trust The Process

I believe that humans, experiences and the overall journey of life is filled with lessons. Everything is a lesson to be learned from. Theres is always the opportunity to grasp the seed of knowing yourself, thus knowing the universe and absolutely nothing at all…..

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Diamond In The Rough

The Detroit Free Press once headlined me and my story with A Diamond In The Rough printed in bold and unapologetic typography. This headline has never been truer. I am, in fact, a diamond in the rough. 

A diamond cultivated from the earth which has took thousands of years to form   and with immense heat and pressure, a unique gemstone has been created.  Without any human intervention, I give you diamonds in the rough - in their most natural state, cast directly into a 3D printed signet ring. 

The perfect marriage of ancient and innovative technology. 

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Karissma Yvexenophora
Q&A with Hour Detroit
XENOPHORA Opening Reception at Galerie Camille

Xenophora will have an exhibition at Galerie Camille in the “cube room” concurrently with Geometrix.

The opening for the show will be January 12th from 6PM-9PM. 

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The Making of Jewelry Made of Tears

A peak into the process of how I developed our latest collection of jewelry made entirely of the chemical composition of tears, 006_We've Shed Tears Like Layers of Skin.

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A Letter from Karissma

Words from our founding alchemist and designer, regarding the latest phase of jewelry 006_We've Shed Tears Like Layers of Skin (if you can decipher her cryptic handwriting) 

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Karissma Yve
Introducing Co/LAB Experience

By high-demand we are launching a new experience with our founder, Karissma Yve; XENOPHORA Co/Lab.

You will be able to design your own ring (alongside Karissma Yve). She will teach you her alchemical secrets and work with you every step of the way. She will host you in our Atelier/Casting de Khrysopoeia, our sister company's manufacturing facility and design house. 

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Karissma Yve
Phase 006 Preview at Linda Dresner

XENOPHORA unveils their collection made of the chemical composition of tears at Linda Dresner. The collection will be exclusively available for pre-order November 16, 2017 to November 18, 2017.  Our founder and designer, Karissma Yve will be present speaking about the collection during open hours. 

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Karissma Yve