Detroit-Native Karissma Yve sought to build a world based on aesthetics. She is a self-taught jeweler and an ambitious world building entrepreneur. Inspired by the wonders of the world and existence she founded XENOPHORA in 2013. From an early age, she sought the the alchemical secrets of precious metal manufacturing and began to teach herself the art of transmutation and ancient jewelry techniques. XENOPHORA objects begin as a poetic stream of consciousness derived from Karissma's intimate life experiences with regard to mythology, metaphysics and the esoteric. The stories she tells with each phase of XENOPHORA are like anfractuous stories of texture, patinated with experience. She studies the aesthetics of texture, decay, desaturation and romantic escapes of color and finds beauty within the impermanent and imperfection within each and of piece of jewelry created. 

She's presented XENOPHORA's objects during Paris Fashion Week consecutively and the jewels have adorned the spaces within many high-end concept stores, retailers and galleries around the world including the US, Japan, Italy, France, Germany and beyond. 

In December of 2016 she was awarded, $10,000 in grant funding from the New Economy Initiative/NEIdeas to purchase equipment to sustainably manufacture all XENOPHORA jewelry in-house. 

"Life is peculiar in how it is so terrifying and amazing yet bursting with aesthetics. Life is like wandering on the edge of the universe but it's special because if you're lucky, if you work hard enough, life can be like wandering on the edge of the universe that you've created for yourself and for your tribe." - Karissma Yve

Shortly after in January of 2017, she was then presented a $35,000 grant award by the then Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden and the Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan on behalf of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation to further the support of XENOPHORA and her latest venture, Detroit's only, artisanal jewelry manufacturing facility and experiential design-house, Casting de Khrysopoeia. This full-service/boutique jewelry manufacturing facility specializes in bringing their private label clients on a global scale jewelry ideas from concept to creation; offering a range of services from 3D Printing, Lost-wax Casting, Finishing, Computer Aided Design, Brand Consultations and more.  

Casting de Khrysopoeia, translates to "to make into gold by way of casting", a literal representation of her own philosophy of having transmuting her own life-experience from lead into gold. Also inspired by Cleopatra de Chrysopoeia, an alchemical papyrus written by one of the four documented female-alchemists in the 6th-century.

Karissma Yve is a modern-day alchemist, transmuting her life experiences by doing what she is most passionate about; building worlds. 

Both of her founded ventures, XENOPHORA and Casting de Khrysopoeia are privately held by the umbrella Flowers Of Sulfur, a private firm also founded by Karissma Yve that specializes in contemporary and avant-garde design and creative and experiential manufacturing.